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Our Products

Satisfy all of our customers and providers, and expand your business.

-Ingram Liu

More Services

  • Cold Storage

    The refrigerated produce warehouse plays a major role which guarantees fresh and wholesome produce in your meal each and every day. Cold storage services become more and more important, from the farmer to the packer, or from the produce importer to the wholesaler.

    Our cooler has 8 different temperatures.

    Please call 323-780-8898 or click here to leave a message for inquiry.

  • Repacking

    We offer repacking service to our farmers and importers who want their products to be perfect. We understand what you think and that is why we create an temperature controlled area of 10,000 square feet for repacking at our facility.

    We repack according to your instructions.

    Please call 323-780-8898 or click here to leave a message for inquiry.

  • Logistics

    Our highly professional and delicate staff is experienced with issue related to produce handling, distribution and logistics. Whether you have your specific trucking company or not, we guaranty your satisfaction on delivering your products to the right place, on the right time.

    We ship all over the US

    Please call 323-780-8898 or click here to leave a message for inquiry.

GBP welcomes you

our little story

We can proudly say that, ”Global Best Produce is a miracle in the produce industry!” Starting with only two employees and a 5,000 square feet warehouse in 2007, today we are the leading Asian produce wholesaler in Los Angeles with a large clean and tidy warehouse.

Besides wholesaling and distributing all kinds of fruits and vegetables to wholesalers and supermarkets of all over the United States, we also supply cold storage service and logistic solutions. We succeed because our approaches focused on blending fresh produce, customer service and technology to offer customized buying programs to fit the specific needs of each concept we work with. Whether you are the owner of a small produce store and a huge supermarket, our team can tailor a program to meet your needs.

You could trust us with all the certificates.